Friday, April 29, 2011

Harry Potter and the Prolific Purls

I've been listening to Harry Potter audio books during work for the last week. It's Friday, and I'm on book 3. You know I've gotten a lot of knitting done! I made another floppy hat yesterday (I took pictures but have no way to get them on the computer at work as I forgot my micro usb cable at home. I'll update soon.) The bag I'm making for Sarah is coming along nicely, and I believe I'll be ready to felt it in the next few days.

Sarah found this amazing etsy store that turns printers drawers/shadow boxes in to jewelry holders. Since my family has a bajillion shadowboxes laying around, she said she'd make one for me!

Once I finish her bag, I plan on working on some more color work scarves, and maybe some pillow cases for sale. My blocking boards came in the mail today, so I'll be finishing up some projects, taking pictures, and listing them on etsy. Keep an eye out!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pints & Purls

I've bought a lot of knitting books in the last couple months. One that I'm particularly fond of is Pints & Purls. I was meant to make a messenger bag for my sister for her birthday back in July, and the pattern and/or yarn wasn't working out, so I basically gave it up. Fortunately, she has persistantly pestered me about it, and a couple of happy consequences have come about. First, I found a pattern I liked in Pints & Purls. Then I decided, for about the first time EVER, that I'd actually use the yarn suggested by the pattern. So I bought five skeins of Cascade 220 in plum (Itallian, perhaps?) and re-started the whole project today. I'm about 6 inches in on the front panel, which isn't bad progress for a day at work :)

Coincidentally, everyone I work with keeps telling me how efficient and wonderful I am. I feel like the only thing I ever accomplish is getting a lot done on my bajillion WIPs. In fact, since I started this temp job, I've finished two items and started two more. I've been working here for four weeks. Hmmm...

As soon as this bag starts to look like a bag, I'll post pictures. I can't wait to felt it (another first!). That'll be fun to blog about.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yep, I'm at work

We've been in Lexington for 9 months, and I've clearly been neglecting my blog. Please join me for a bit of rambling.

One thing about temping and waitressing after you graduate from college, is that you tend to experience a lot of ennui and general malaise about your life. Something in the vein of, I could be doing so much more with the abundance of energy and talent I have, and instead I'm wasting it listening to audio books, staring at computer screens and knitting (a lot) by day, and listening to whiny kids who make a giant mess at the table and their whinyer, more disgusting parents treat me like I'm the stupidest person they've ever met because I couldn't hear them tell me they wanted their ribeye cooked well with french fries and tater soup when the mumbled it into their menu instead of speaking clearly to me.

But that's mildly pessimistic. Let's talk about what I'm doing about it.

Like I said above, I've been knitting at work A LOT. When your primary responsibilities are to process paperwork that takes fifteen minutes of your day and hope that some confused horse person emails you so you can look up the response, you tend to have a lot of time on your hands. And by you, I mean me.

So for the last couple of months, I have made a concerted effort to knit things that are both interesting to me and that I will sell. I've bought books on color knitting techniques and cute accessory knitting and I've been combing Ravelry for charts and design ideas. I've learned how to knit continental style (whoa) so I could double knit a scarf, which turned out so well, I got another one commissioned on the spot. In the month of April, as my KnitMeter will tell you, I have knit 10.9 feet (as of this writing.) I'm a machine. I've started my etsy store. All that remains between me and spreading this knitting love around the world is some blocking and some photographs. I even chose a fantastic name for this enterprise: Miss Anthropy Knits. If you need an explanation, see the above paragraphs you knit wit.

I'm not going to link to the store or my facebook page (both of which are ready to go) until there's actually something to buy up on there. But that will be soon, dear readers. Very, very soon.