Monday, August 2, 2010

LexKnitterati and Current Projects

I've moved into my very own apartment in Lexington, KY, and so far I'm loving it! The most frequently asked question since I've gotten here is, "What brings you to Kentucky?" The short answer, my boyfriend, Patrick, is enrolled in the Patterson School at UK for graduate school, and I love him and we've been together for four years, so here I am with him.

I've started working at O'Charley's on Richmond Rd, as well as as a temp, although I haven't gotten any placements with them yet. I also am attending bartending classes five days a week (starting today) for three weeks, so I guess you could say my plate is pretty full!
I went to my first LexKnitterati get-together tonight at Panera on Richmond Rd, and the ladies there were fantastic! To sum up the evening: crafting, coffee, queer theory, British literature, education theory, and towards the end Joss Whedon nerding-out time. Seriously, could it get any better?

Since I last blogged, I've started about a million and one new projects. The bamboo vest I wrote about two entries ago has since become a messenger bag that I'm going to try to felt.
I also started a new purse that's brown and teal popcorn stitch,
an attempt at a pineapple pattern tankini for my sister, not to mention the continuing projects of Justin's Villa football scarf, my honeycomb cable black scarf, and teeny tiny crocheted flowers and such for jewelry.
The project I've been working on the most for the past few weeks is a series of three cross stitch pieces to hang in my kitchen: a green pepper, a carrot, and and an eggplant.
So I definitely have a lot to choose from for my LexKnitterati trips :)

Since I'm such a slacker at this whole blogging thing, I will try to make a point of writing a bit after every LexKnitterati evening. I get pretty jazzed when I have such good company, so it's just the inspiration I need to keep this thing updated! So on that note, à la prochaine!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am the best person on earth

I am moving. It sucks. I hate moving.

Soooo....I'm putting a bunch of stuff in storage. I have this Rubbermaid 36" wardrobe that I've used in the past, but I lost the assembly instructions and all I had were a bunch of plastic pieces and poles and the blue fabric thing that covers the whole wardrobe when it's done. So I'm looking at all these poles and pieces, and thinking, maybe I should google the instructions to make this easier. Well they don't exist on the internet. But I figured it out, because I am God, basically, so I thought I'd post the instructions in case someone else is in the same pickle someday.

Assembly Instructions for Rubbermaid 36" Breathable Wardrobe:
4x "A" plastic endcaps
4x "B" poles
4x "C" poles
1x "D" pole
1x "E" pole
2x "F" poles
2x "G" poles
2x "I" plastic caps
1x cloth cover thingy

Step 1- Bottom:
Put 2 "A" plastic endcaps parallel to each other with the holes facing in and connect with 2 "C" bars.

Step 2:
Put the cloth cover thingy on top of the bottom structure. Put 2 "F" bars in the front holes of the "A" endcaps, and 2 "B" bars in the holes at the back. There are holes in the bottom of the blue cloth thingy to put the pole through.

Step 3:
Put the "I" plastic caps on top of the "B" bars with the long part with holes on both ends vertically, and the protruding part out, parallel with the "C" bars on the bottom structure. The "E" bar goes between the two protruding parts parallel with the "C" bars and the two remaining "B" bars go vertically into the top of the "I" caps.

Step 4:
Put the "G" bars into the top of the "F" bars.

Step 5 - Top:
Put the other two "A" endcaps parallel to each other with the holes facing in. Put the remaining two "C" bars in the holes to connect the "A" pieces. Put the "D" bar (should be thicker than the other bars) in the bottom middle hole. There's also a funny looking bar, that hooks over the top of the "C" bars and under the "D" bar that supports the middle bar when you put your heavy clothes on them.

Step 6 - Cloth cover:
Now you just have to shimmy the cloth cover thingy up the vertical bars until you can pull it over the top. Then just push it back down the rest of the way. Voila! You're done!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bamboo Vest

So I started a new project, because apparently one or two or five is not enough. I have four balls of Moda Dea Bamboo Wool in a beautiful green color that I've been trying to find the perfect project for. Well I gave up on that, and decided to make a simple vest instead. I haven't ever made a garment like this before, so I figure I have to start somewhere, and I didn't want to be overly ambitious. Soo....hopefully I will have enough yarn, and when it starts to look more like something you'd actually wear, I'll post pictures.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Long time, no post

So I've frantically been trying to finish my undergraduate thesis, so I apparently haven't posted since November. Wow. That doesn't mean I haven't been knitting.

Let's see. I had some eBay bucks that needed to be used, so I bought some really fine crochet yarn to make jewelry. My favorite earrings I've made so far are here:

My sister is collaborating with me on these by adding beads and stuff.

Okay, next up, my mom bought me some great chunky yarn, so I made a vest and decided I didn't like it and frogged it, but I am going to make another vest out of it hopefully. Anyway, here are some pics pre-destruction.
Finally, I have made a lot of progress on Justin's Aston Villa scarf, but I don't have any pics of that.

As soon as my friend Megan buys some yarn, I plan to make a replica Winter Olympic hat for her sister, whose blog is over at Check it out.

I think that'll do for now friends!