Thursday, February 26, 2009

One down...

So I finished the first fingerless glove sans flip-mitt today. I started the second one too, but now I have to do homework (always spoiling my fun!) I figure I'll make the two gloves and then do the flip-mitt part last. I like the way it looks though! Not too shabby for my first pair!
and on my hand:
(notice the Picasso in the background? Don Quixote...the irony is astounding)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fulton Ravelers

So this afternoon/evening, I trekked with Cori to the Fulton Public Library (which is much nicer on the inside than I expected!) and met up with some fellow knitters. It was great fun, although I didn't get much work done on my gloves because I'm at a point where the pattern is baffling me. I'll probably keep going back though! Much fun was had by all!


Monday, February 16, 2009


My flipmits are coming along nicely. I spent the long weekend at my boyfriend's parent's house to celebrate his birthday, and I got quite a bit of work done.
Actually, I got a lot more done than I expected, and I didn't bring anything to hold my thumb-stitches on once I got there. I expect to be done with at least the first one by the end of the week! More updates soon!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New goodies

Went to JoAnne's today and got new goodies! I'm going to be making my first pair of gloves out of some marvelous gray bamboo yarn. Perhaps some convertible fingerless gloves/mittens (or flipmits as I've heard them called). I like this pattern by Mira Ranki.

*mischievous grin*

Friday, February 6, 2009

Please allow me to state that I am soo very happy to find that there are other French-speaking, craft-making knit-aholics who aren't on the Obama Crazy Train.

Thank you and good night.

Cable-licious ear warmer

I recently joined Ravelry, and in wanting to contribute, I designed this cabled-out ear warmer. Of course, when I started it, the weather was frightful, and by the time I finished it was 50 degrees outside (I swear, it was only a matter of days!) but it should be cooling down again next week and I'll get to wear it. Silly Missouri weather.

::Edit:: Free Pattern now on Ravelry! Go me!

::Edit:: Pattern below in case the downloads don't work:

Cable-licious Ear Warmer 
If you love cables, then you’ll love this ear warmer. I’ll try to make the pattern as specific as possible for beginners, because this is a great way to practice cables in a safe and loving environment. I use a plaited cable for the main, center cable and a two-stitch cable on either side to break up the width of the background.

I don’t hold much stock by gauges and yarn weight; most of my projects are trial and error. However, for your sake, I will give you my yarn and needle size so you can get an approximately similar result.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Eco, black
Needles: Size Six

k – knit
p – purl
C#B – cable a certain number of stitches to the back. For example, C6B means slip three stitches onto the cable needle and hold it behind your work. Knit three stitches then knit the three stitches on the cable needle.
C#F – cable a certain number of stitches to the front. This is the same principle as above, but instead you will hold the cable needle on the front side of your work.

Cast on 29 stitches.
Row 1:  k29
Row 2:  k4, p2, k4, p9, k4, p2, k4
Row 3:  k4, C2F, k17, C2F, k4
Row 4:  work as Row 2
Row 5:  k4, C2F, k4, C6B, k7, C2F, k4
Row 6:  work as Row 2
Row 7:  work as Row 3
Row 8:  works as Row 2
Row 9:  k4, C2F, k7, C6F, k4, C2F, k4

Repeat rows 2-9 until the rectangle is long enough to circle your head.

I crocheted the ends of my ear warmer together, but sewing will work just as well. When you are finishing, make sure you put right sides together so that your seam doesn’t show on your finished product!