Thursday, September 24, 2009

Long Overdue Update

These most adorable cute little monster things were the perfect way for me to use up some of my scrap yarn. Check them out!

The pattern was created by Rebecca Danger who creates some of the most impressive animal toys I've seen on ravelry.

I also finished knitting Sami's halter and all that remains is to block it.

And I made Patrick's sister a birthday/Christmas scarf.You may recognize some of that scrap yarn from the monster chunk project. Zona made this pattern or as she calls it, a recipe.

I also recently started making these gloves without the beads and re-planned Patrick's Celtic scarf to use the woven stitch I used in his sister's scarf. And my roommate Cori asked me to make her a hat with earflaps, tassels and a pom pom. :) I've done a lot since I last wrote!

I'll keep you updated!