Monday, September 26, 2011

Get ready for LOTS of pictures

I think the reason for my seriously lacking blogging skills is that my life is incredibly boring. Let's talk about the upcoming Nerd Wars Tournament.

I put in for Team TARDIS, Team Browncoats and Dumbledore's Army, but I'm on a huge Dr. Who kick right now, including the original series, so I'm really hoping to get that one. Regardless, I planned out my dissertation for all 3 teams, and I've already swatched. I'm just waiting until tomorrow to see which one I'm on before I write my proposal. I had a bag full of Knit Picks Stroll that I wanted to stash bust, so I'm planning 5 projects. I tailored my project choices so I could use them for any of my three team choices.  And presenting:

Giant stash...

First project: Froot Loop Gloves

So this project will represent one of three characters. I'm not going to go in depth about my reasoning, a) because I haven't really planned it all out yet and b) because I'm not going to work three times as hard as necessary. I'll find out what team I'm on tomorrow. I'm being zen, cool, not being a hugo nerd.
Amy Pond
Inara Serra
or Ginny Weasley

Three characters:
Martha Jones
River Tam
or Neville Longbottom (going a completely different direction with this one, but I couldn't exclude Neville)

Project number three! Ginkgo Shoulderette Shawl

Which will represent:
Rose Tyler
Kaylee Frye
or Luna Lovegood

Righto. Moving right along to project number four...Coupling

River Song

Ron Weasley

And the last project: Hourglass

Who will be:
Doctor Donna (Noble)
or Zoe
or Hermione Granger

Also, if I get on the Harry Potter team, of course I'll have to do a project for Harry, but since it's the only contingency for which I'd need a sixth project, I haven't swatched it.

Alright, that's the plan, now I just need to find out what team, write out my justifications and get started on the knitting! Super excited (if you can't tell).

On another note, I took this really awesome nerd test, which makes me pretty durn happy. I'm a highly dorky high nerd. says I'm a Highly Dorky High Nerd.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and write on the nerd forum!

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